Turn-Key E-Commerce eLearning Business For Sale


Why are you selling this business?

Going back into realestate and no longer have time.

How does your business make money?

TDBNow.com is a fully functional, ready to go, business eLearning website where customers can buy instantly downloadable and/or instantly accessible online business lessons and learning materials in order to help them learn how to succeed in business.

The business has universal appeal and the lessons/resources are in digital format, meaning they can be sold over and over again to generate passive income.

There is no limit to the amount of sales you can make with this business.

This business has low overhead. The costs associated with this running business are as follows:

• monthly web-hosting fees ($5 – $15 per month depending on your hosting provider)

• yearly domain renewal fee (approximately $12/year)

Plus whatever you want to spend on advertising (Facebook Ads, etc.) to drive traffic to the site.

This is a passive income business, where delivery of product/resources is 100% automated. You sit back and collect the $$$.

Why should someone buy this business?

Room to grow. Unlimited earning potential.

How can the buyer improve this business?

You can buy just the intellectual property and re-brand it under your own label, or run ads to drive more sales.

What are the business strengths?

Our eLearning products have been developed using over 20+ years business experience. No filler here.

What are the opportunities for a new owner?

Great for a work from home, side line, passive income opportunity.

How do you daily manage and run the business?

Answer customer inquires, run ads as needed.

How do you market the business?

Social media, Facebook ads, etc.

What are business expenses?

  • $5 per month webhosting
  • $12 per year domain registration
  • $0 - open (whatever you want for an ad spend)

What are the business assets?

  • Business Assets Include:
  • Business domain name and websites:
  • • Top-level domain name: TDBNow.com – Appraised Value $1,750
  • • TDBNow.com e-Commerce Website – Cost to build $2,500
  • • TDBNow.com/course (where customers login to access lesson materials purchased) – Cost to build $1,500
  • eLearning Business Lessons/Course:
  • • Lessons/Course development – Cost to write/develop $7,500
  • • 15 video lessons in MPV format – Cost to produce $3,000 ($200 per video x 15 videos)
  • • 15 video lesson transcripts in PDF format (direct transcript of video lessons) – Cost to produce $1,500 ($100 per transcript x 15 videos)
  • • 15 video lesson MP3 audio files (audio of video lessons) – Cost to produce $1,125 ($75 per audio file x 15 videos)
  • • 14 lesson workbooks in PDF format + 1 lesson worksheet in PDF format – Cost to produce $1,750
  • • 1 short promotional video – $75
  • eLearning Business Resource Books:
  • • 3 business resource books in PDF format – Cost to produce $2,250 ($750 per business resource book x 3 resources)
  • Blog Posts:
  • • 4 blog posts – Cost to produce $450 (multiple costs combined)
  • Social Media Channels: (included FREE of charge with purchase – value $1,500)
  • • twitter @tdbnow_
  • • facebook @tdbnow
  • • instagram @tdbnow
  • MailChimp Mailing List configured to the website: (included FREE of charge with purchase)
  • Business Logo: Cost to produce $250
  • Value/Equity: $2,500
  • Total Business Assets Value: $27,650
  • Asking Price: $9995 or if you are a business owner who wants to purchase the copyright to course materials only, in order to rebrand them under your own label, the firm selling price for that would be $5,500.
  • For more information visit TDBNow.com or contact me for more details.
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