Creating the perfect advert for your business for sale

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Listing your business for sale at is easy and hassle-free.

To create the perfect advert for the business you are selling and make it look like a good deal for buyers, you can provide all the relevant details, buyers need to know:

Franchise, relocatable and whether the business has accommodation.

The year the business was established.

Turnover - annual, monthly, weekly or daily revenue, or you can show it as ' On request'.

Net profit - annual, monthly, weekly or daily profit , or you can show it as ' On request'.

Expenses - the period and expense type: rent, business rates, water, gas, electricity, or you can show it as ' On request'.

Asking price - If not provided this will show as Asking price on request.

Whether you are open to offers or not.

Business website, facebook page, Twitter page, Linkedin page and Instagram page.

Whether you offer post sale support.

Your contact preferences.

Business summary - just a short summary and then answer these questions:

  1. Why are you selling this business?

  2. How does your business make money? Business income & monetisation

  3. Why should someone buy this business?

  4. How can the buyer improve this business?

  5. What are the business strengths?

  6. What are the opportunities for a new owner?

  7. How do you daily manage and run the business?

  8. How do you market the business?

  9. What are the business assets?