Animal health company Zoetis acquires Virtual Recall

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Virtual Recall helps veterinary practices improve their service offering and communication with pet owners.

With this acquisition, Zoetis, now, is able to offer veterinary customers in the UK, Australia and New Zealand a customer engagement software that “improves” client experience beyond the consulting room.

Jamie Brannan, senior vice president UK, Ireland and Nordics, said:

“This is an exciting opportunity for Zoetis to add a new solution for veterinarians with an innovative service that will support clinics in increasing their level of compliance, education and engagement at the pet owner level.

“As we expand our comprehensive offering across the continuum of care for veterinary clinics, Virtual Recall will enhance the level of pet owner services that can be offered to their pet owner customers in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.”

He added: “Our studies have shown that veterinary customers are keen to reduce administrative workload and find new ways to engage with pet owners.

“We believe that Virtual Recall will achieve that, helping to educate and improve pet owner compliance and adding financial benefits to the veterinary practice.”